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League Rules 2019 Season

(as changed at the AGM on 26/2/19)

(* updated 11/4/19 due to error in Rule 17)

  1. The league will be governed by (British Darts Organisation) BDO rules and must be adhered to at all time.

  2. All cash to be paid out in trophies & prizes. A small balance will be carried forward to start the new season.

  3. All committee members to be re-elected by vote at the AGM.

  4. The dartboard shall be to the centre of the bull 5ft 8ins, the distance for the throw shall be 7ft 9¼ins.

  5. All captains, secretaries, (vice-captains & vice-secretaries if wanted - see rule 16) names to be written on the form provided at the AGM, along with all players names.

  6. The team registration fee shall be £25.00 per team for the year and include £5.00 to be sent with each result sheet. Team Secretaries will pay the registration at the AGM and will receive a receipt.

  7. There is no limit to the amount of players that can be register for a team throughout the season but names must be given to the division secretary in writing - players can be registered on the back of the result sheets on the night.

  8. Players may change teams during the first half of the season and their averages will be transferred to their team. All transfers to be accompanied with £2.00.

  9. Men's games to be played on Tuesday night. Ladies games to be played on Thursday night. Games to commence by 8:30pm.

  10. All StarDarts matches are to be played on the specified night according to the published fixtures list. No amendments to this list or rearrangement of any matches permitted, unless under extreme circumstances. Team captains must contact the league committee in these circumstances. The penalty for any team cancelling a game without prior permission is £10.00. Failure to pay this fine will result in the team being disqualified from the league.

  11. The captain for each team will be responsible for sending in the result sheets and monies owed to the league and should be delivered to, "STAR DARTS RESULTS, c/o 7 Stroud Green Drive, North Bersted, Bognor Regis, P021 5SY.

  12. Men's result sheets must be in by the Friday following each match.

  13. Ladies result sheets must be in by the Monday following each match.

  14. Result sheets not received by the specified days will result in the team being fined £2.00.

  15. The Captains & Secretaries matches (501 best-of-3 for the Mens, 1 leg of 501 for the Ladies) can be played at either the beginning or end of the evening. Only names forwarded to the league at the beginning of the season will be eligible to play and cannot be changed at any time during the season (see rule 16). They may still play in the singles & pairs games.

  16. A vice-captain / vice-secretary may be appointed at the beginning of the season. They will be able to play the captains / secretaries game if the captain / secretary permanently leaves the team. They will not however be entitled to their predecessors points.

  17. The matches will consist of 4 singles games (playing 'best-of-5 legs' 501 for the Mens, playing '3 full legs' of 501 for the Ladies), and 2 pairs games (playing '3 full legs' 501 for the Men, *playing 'best-of-3 legs' of 501 for the Ladies). For the Men each leg won will be 1 point. *For the Ladies it will be 1 point for each game win.

  18. A draw for the singles games must always be made before each match to determine the order of play. Pairs players order can be decided by the captains.

  19. The order of play will be nearest the bull at the beginning of each game to determine who plays the odd numbered legs in each game.

  20. Averages will be calculated on all individual winning legs only.

  21. When a team has only three players they lose the 3 points from their fourth player to the opposing team. The fourth player of the opposing team can have the chance to gain an average by playing 1 leg against each player from the other team. But whatever the result in these legs, the 3 points still go to the team with 4 players.

  22. Knockout fees are £2 per player and must be paid on the knockout night when registering. Entry registration deadline for knockouts is 8pm on the night.

  23. The committee shall meet during the season if there is anything necessary to talk about. Any protests or complaints will be dealt with using the BDO rules to make a Decision.

  24. The Committee has the right to fine any team that is found to be cheating or deviating from the rules, and such teams can be banned from the league.

  25. The Committee has the power to deal with any contingencies that are not provided for in the rules of the league.

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