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League Rules

  1. The League is run in aid of the old folks of Bognor Regis.

  2. The League shall be governed by the committee and it's officers.

  3. The Entrance Fee shall be £20.00 per team, plus £1 for all players to register plus a league match fee of £5.00 per match week. The match fee is to be returned each week with the result sheets to the 'Prince of Wales', South Bersted, by the following Monday.

  4. Teams must send at least one representative to the AGM, who will attend the whole meeting, and registrations will be taken at the end of said meeting.

  5. Each team must consist of a minimum of 6 players. Transfer requests to be signed by the player and secretaries of each team and submitted to the league secretary, enclosing a £5 fee.

  6. No match can take place without at least four team members of each team being present. This applies to all games.

  7. League matches shall be 6 singles of 501 & 3 doubles of 501. All games to be Best of 3 legs, straight in - double out. For every leg won, the winning team gets 1 point.

  8. Result sheets to be fully completed with scores and darts thrown, for averages to be awarded. (Optional)

  9. Tons to be counted in singles games only, 180's to be counted in all games.

  10. The throw to be 7 ft 9¼ and the board height 5 ft 8 ins. (Board Setup)

  11. Draw to be made by the toss of a coin. The winner to start all odd numbered legs & matches to be in progress by 8.30 pm. If any player in singles game is not in attendance after second calling, then a substitute may be played. Captains to record all walkovers.

  12. If a team needs to rearrange a match, 48 hours notice must be given and the committee informed, the match must then be played as soon as possible. If this cannot be agreed, then the committee must be informed. They will then decide when the match will be played. No match will be played after the last game of the season.

    If the committee decides to award a match for whatever reason, this will be awarded to the winner as a 12-6 result. (8 winning & 4 losing singles and 4 winning & 2 losing doubles)

  13. Protests must be submitted to the committee in writing with a £5 fee. Team secretaries or representatives to attend the meeting when notified.

  14. Players causing a disturbance will be suspended for a minimum of 4 weeks.

  15. Minimum age of players is 14 years (Subject to committee discretion). They must be accompanied by an adult and the Landlords permission must be sought.

  16. Captains and Secretaries names, addresses & telephone numbers, together with all team members' names, to be submitted at the start of the season on the form provided. No substitute Captains or Secretaries will be allowed.

  17. Each teams secretaries to be responsible for their own match fees and result sheets. They must be signed by both Captains or representatives, and returned to the Prince of Wales no later than the Monday following the match. A teams result will not be added to their total until their result sheet and match fee is received. Match Walkovers must be recorded and the Result sheet sent in as usual with match fee.

  18. Cup matches to be played at the end of the season (or at the committees discretion). Each division shall have it's own knockout. No player shall be allowed to play in the knockouts if they have not played a minimum of 5 matches in each half of the season. Start time shall not be before 8pm and will be at the discretion of the committee or appointed steward. Their decision is final.

  19. The Benevolent Cup Knockout is open to all players in the League (Men & Women). Players will throw for the Bull; the player nearest to the Bull will start in the first & third legs.

  20. Benevolent Cup registration will commence at 7.45 pm. Anyone who has not registered in person by 8pm sharp will be disqualified.

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